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"I believe in Miracles and it do happen in everyone's life. With the help of Dr. Thirumeni, i studied a little about Homoeopathic medicine and i use personally. It cures a lot. My medical expenses cut down because of it low cost and cure for sure. Thanks to Homoeopathy and Thirumeni annan. Vazhga Valamudan."


"I wish to share my experiences about the benefits of taking homeopathy medicines for me and my family members.
  1. I have taken only homeo medicines for any gastric related issues, cold and cough and any body aches etc and the relief was quick and good.
  2. My sister-in-law in Chennai was diagnosed with multi-organ failure and was treated in a speciality hospital in the ICU ward for three weeks. Though her other problems of heart, lungs, septic shock and infections were sorted out, her kidney function was still defective, making her go for dialysis thrice a week. But after taking homeo medicines under expert homeopath's guidance, her kidneys started normal functioning and she is restored to normal health. Her family is grateful to homeopathy for saving her from the torture of repeated dialysis.
  3. My aged sister (85) had severe hip-joint and leg pain, preventing her from even slow walking. On taking homeo medicines under expert homeopath's guidance, she finds she can walk without severe pain.
  4. Some relatives have avoided angiogram and heart bypass surgery by taking homeo medicines and feel much better.
Thanks to homeopathy our lives are better and free from the torture of taking too many allopathy drugs"


"Thanks for your treatment for our driver mr,vishvanathan, he had stone in kidney for the past 6 months he went specialists in pondicherry no one make cure for the stone they finaly cornerd him to make a surgeoury for the stone,but i giude to you, you give superb medicine for 30 days,but he got good change in just 5 days & cured in 15 days now he works normaly without operation for the kidneystone".

And my another friend mr kathiravan managing director for jk motors in pondicherry he also had heavy pain by kidney stone & twice he got unconcious by the pain,he went all govt & private doctors for the treatment,they give only operation is the best solution,but he came to homeopath @ you and get medicine now he got cure sir,



" Life is belief. That belief gives self confidence, peace and wealthy in our day to day life. The miracle happened in my life is meeting Dr.Thirumeny. Implementation of Homeopathy medicine day to day life makes my family life healthy. I believe Homeopathy medicine and still continue for cure. My sincere Thanks to Dr.Thirumeny and Homeopathy. Let's the Homeopathy rules the world."

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